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Our Programme Engeza Organisational & Business Coaching Training

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What Is Business Or Organisational Coaching?

Executive business coaching is a future-focused, positive and energetic engagement aimed at supporting a leader or manager in achieving their vision, in alignment with their values and business objectives. The organisational voice is part of the process, as organisational coaching brings together the executive or manager and the organisation in identifying growth and development objectives.

Programme Overview

The Engeza programme is aimed at psychologists in private practice who want to add coaching to their current skill set by acquiring knowledge and understanding of coaching within an organisation.

Organisational and Business Coaching requires a solid understanding of how businesses and organisations function, from NPOs to large corporates. In this context, coaching refers to an individual’s growth and development aligned with their business or organisation’s strategic objectives as well as the objectives for the client.

Programme Structure

The programme is limited to twelve participants, all of whom are practising psychologists, to intensify the experiential nature of the training and allow for maximum participation. The programme has been uniquely designed for psychologists running a private practice, meaning your cohort peer group will be made up of like-minded professionals. As we will explore how to best use coaching and support the development of coaching cultures within organisations, it means there will be a specific strategic and commercial edge to the training. The programme is delivered in English.

The programme is made up of:

Two 3-day modules (08:30 – 17:00)

Four 2-hour web-based sessions of coaching experience in triads (webinars)

One 2-hour webinar of business acumen and organisational dynamics combined with coaching experience

Preparation, fieldwork, group work, practical experience and reading

Key Learning Outcomes

Through the Engeza Organisational & Business Coaching Programme, you will gain:

Sturdy foundational knowledge, deep understanding and competence in generic coaching skills, within an International Coaching Federation (ICF) competency framework

Understanding & Application of the ICF Code of Ethics within an organisational context

Exposure to organisational culture and systems

Understanding of narrative coaching practices within a coaching skill set

Understanding the power and impact of a strengths-based orientation

Understanding the power and impact of a strength-based orientation.

Confidence and competence in coaching within businesses and organisations

Foster an engaging and supportive learning environment where people grow together and form lasting support networks

A development roadmap to becoming a credentialed ICF coach

Access to the Engeza Community of Practice

A Potential for gaining experience and coaching work through Joint Prosperity

ICF Core Coaching Competencies:

These core competencies are the foundation of the coaching training within a strengths-based philosophy.


Please contact for more information. You will receive an invoice with banking details after receipt of your registration form.

This cost includes:

Six days at the programme venue, consisting of two 3-day modules

Four 2-hour Zoom training calls (webinars), where coaching and business and organisational coaching is undertaken by participants

Another 2-hour Zoom training call focused on organisational and business savvy, applied to coaching

Programme pack

Fieldwork pack

Programme Guide (See below)

Meals and refreshments during the course

Programme Guide

A detailed programme guide is available to all participants after registration.

We recommend reading the prescribed book before attending the programme. The book can be collected from Eileen Thayser’s office by arrangement.

A Preparation Pack is also available from Eileen and can be collected at the same time.

Fieldwork is also detailed in the programme guide.

Articles and a case study are available for reading on the website, accessible to enrolled participants once payment has been received.

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