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about us

Our Story

Eileen Thayser, our co-founder, describes when the idea for Engeza Coaching Training was born. As big ideas tend to do, it grew from a casual conversation with a friend. This friend had long wanted to add business coaching to his repertoire. He was very keen to work as a business coach, in a business environment, and not as a life coach. Many of the available coaching programmes, with some notable exceptions, were life coaching programmes which he felt would not support his growth in understanding more about organisations and business. Business school programmes, while being a great value add, were expensive.

And so, after some research and a discussion with Dave Thayser and Kerrin Miller, a decision was made to offer a specialised coaching programme for psychologists that adds access to business and organisational acumen, imparts deep insight and experiential learning of core competencies of coaching. In addition the programme has gained ICF  accreditation as an ACSTH programme. Application will be made annually for 24 HPCSA CPD general points. The Programme builds on an honours the existing knowledge and skill set of psychologists.

Engeza, being a Nguni word meaning to add to, is then a perfect match for our dynamic goal and value-adding objectives.

Why Choose Engeza

Engeza is the only programme of its nature in South Africa aimed solely at psychologists.


Our coaching programme is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) programme.

ENGEZA’S 2021 application for HPCSA CPD points is approximately 24 General CPD points.

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Develop your potential. Make a difference.

Coaching changes lives! Lives of those in a coaching engagement as well as the people that they, in turn, impact. Engeza’s social learning educational philosophy creates an opportunity for you to learn together, to add and develop your organisational coaching skills. You will be ready to be a catalyst for profound change where most needed in organisations and the community.

Expert training. From the experts.

Engeza boasts many combined years’ experience in coaching, lecturing, business consultancy, mentoring and executive business management across a broad spectrum of organisations. There’s absolutely no doubt your instructors bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. Deep wisdom that is only matched by our passion for supporting you in gaining world-class business coaching skills.

An Active Community of practice.

Engeza already has an active community of practice subsequent to the inaugural Programme 1 being run in 2020 and as more programmes are planned, this community will grow. it is aimed at providing the space for a connected and supportive network of coaches who are dedicated to their ongoing learning and development as coaches. This group of coaches will also potentially have access to Joint Prosperity’s Coaching panel, which will not only support and enable coaches to coach each other and gain experience hours, but also possibly gain real coaching experience.

Our purpose.

Our main objectives include:

  • Develop highly effective coaches through a world-class coaching programme
  • Make organisational coaching training accessible and affordable to psychologists
  • Empower psychologists with practical and applicable coaching skills that can be immediately applied to begin their coaching journey
  • Enhance the continuous learning objectives and repertoire of psychologists, enabling them to incorporate a coaching style into their therapy
  • Foster an engaging and supportive learning environment where people grow together and form lasting support networks
  • Support an empowered, active and thriving community of practice for ongoing learning and potential for coaching practice and work.